Get The Baker’s Wife (complete) For Free

Digital Book Day Banner

I’ve decided to join in on CJ Lyons’ Digital Book Day. It sounds like fun.

So, for one day, July 14th, The Baker’s Wife, the ebook with all three parts in one, will be free on Smashwords. I mean, totally free. No coupon, no nothing, but only for that one day. Afterward, the price goes back up to $4.99 and you’ll need a coupon to download a free copy.


In a world where the magic you cast is restricted (on pain of death) by the role you must take, Krysilla Gillasin struggles to do her part as the wife of a baker. A baker, unfortunately, who no longer does any baking, leaving her exhausted from trying to run the business. When she meets a feverish minstrel, she ignores all consequence and brings him home instead of leaving him to die by the river’s edge. Her husband, furious, demands he leave. Unwilling to turn a sick man out when he’s still weak, Krysilla, for the first time, defies him, thus starting a chain of events that rip apart everything she thought she wanted.

Before long, she’s dealing with scheming nobles, a mad king, Dogs on the hunt, and more forbidden magic than she ever dreamed she would touch. And at the heart of it is that far-too-handsome minstrel, a man who tempts her more than she’ll admit, and in more ways than one.

Full of intrigue, adventure, and a dash of romance, The Baker’s Wife is the first in the Trial of the Ornic series.

Interested? Here’s the Smashwords link: The Baker’s Wife (complete).



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