Finally! (print version of part one)

BWPODFrontCoverI’ve been going through a bit of a tough time physically for the past few days. It’s not over yet, either. (Nothing too serious, but it’s not something I can ignore, either.)

However, I managed to finish the print version of part one of The Baker’s Wife. *cheers* So, sometime within the week, it should be available through Amazon. And it should be available to order through your local bookstore sometime in the next six to eight weeks.

I’m just glad that’s done. Late, but done.

I’m halfway through The Lord’s Tale (part two). I’m hoping I’ll be able to finish the rough draft by sometime next week. Then, I’ll make whatever changes to part one are necessary, get it proofed, formatted, and up for sale, hopefully by the end of the month. No promises, though. It all depends on how the next few days go.

I can promise that when The Baker’s Wife (part one) is available on Amazon, I’ll announce it here and add a link on the My Books page.


2 thoughts on “Finally! (print version of part one)

  1. Thank you! And thank you for your kind words re: the cover. 😀

    The font is by The Scriptorium. They have a really nice selection, especially calligraphic fonts. Link is here. Personal use is free, but the commercial license is very reasonable.



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