Diesel closing; progress; rain and gardens

It seems I have to update the My Books section of my site. Diesel is going out of business.

I’m not surprised, but I am kind of disheartened. I like making my book available in as many places as I can. But it seems that ebooks are going the way of all innovative game-changers. First, you have a bunch of innovative companies trying out a bunch of different approaches. Then, one takes the lead because it’s giving people exactly what they want. Others form second place, third place, and so on in the tier. And then, one by one, the original members of that large group either go out of business, let themselves get absorbed and fade away, or become one of a small group that survives. There’s a reason some authors have decided to stick with Amazon exclusively. They’re convinced it will survive. Heck, I’m convinced it’ll survive, at least for the next five or ten years. And it’ll probably still be at the head of what will, in the future, be a small group of distributors still accepting the work of indie authors.

I doubt Smashwords will be part of that small group, for many reasons, none of which I feel the need to give here.

I shouldn’t make goals. Every time I do, I end up not getting a single thing accomplished.

That’s right. No progress. Mostly, it’s due to health reasons, but it doesn’t matter. I’ve got a deadline coming and still haven’t finished. I’m going to try to get in some pages tonight, but I have no idea. I might end up falling asleep instead. *grr* If not, then it looks like the next few days are going to be a marathon.

Or, I’ll push the deadline forward. Again. *headdesk*

One of the fun things spring is gardening. The past few days I’ve had a fun time watching my husband and kids as they try to bring ours back to life. The most encouraging thing is discovering our kale lived! Very happy about that. Now we know that the Texas winter is mild enough that kale can last the whole season.

It’s raining now. No work for at least the next day or two. I’m looking forward to it, though I doubt I’ll be able to help with the planting. It’ll be fun just to watch my kids learn how to make things grow.



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