A Round of Words in 80 Days because…why not?

ROW80LogocopyI have to finish the rough draft of The Lord’s Tale (part two) before I’ll feel comfortable formatting part one and putting it up for sale. In order to do that, I have to have focus. In order to focus, I’ve decided to try the ROW80.

So, here’s my habit that I’m going to be practicing:

Writing for four hours every day.

It’s what I should be doing anyway. And I think I can (most of the time) fit it in. It’s just a matter of breaking it down into smaller chunks. With a half hour here and a half hour there, I should be able to do this. I mean, I used to do this fairly often and felt bad if I didn’t. We’ll see if I can do that this time. I should be able to finish the rest of the rough draft if I keep that pace. We’ll see. If not, I’ll re-evaluate and drop down the time.

Wish me luck!

Update: Ugh. Forgot to add that this is part of a blog hop. Here’s the others blogs involved. I recommend checking them out, especially 100 First Draft’s post on flow. Just click on the link below (don’t worry about entering your own link) for the list.

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5 thoughts on “A Round of Words in 80 Days because…why not?

  1. I think the idea of breaking the longer session into smaller chunks is a good idea. A very good idea, in fact. Another method I use is to come up with a numeric goal — like, I will try very hard to be at some semi-significant goal in X amount of time. I like numbers that are palindromes like, 1221 or 3443 or that are in order, like 1234, 4567, etc.


    1. Re: balance, yup. Same here. 😦 The only way I think I can do this is if I break it down into small chunks. There’s no way I’d be able to do a straight four hour session.



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