Belated Holi video (not mine); predators and goals

First, before anything else is said, I have to post a compilation of pictures someone took and put on YouTube because yesterday was one of my favorite holidays, even though I’m not Hindi. If you want to read the Wikipedia entry on it, go ahead. Otherwise, just watch the video and enjoy the beautiful colors.

*sigh* Moving on…

We got rid of our cat. It turns out that our recent struggles with our health–colds that won’t leave, nausea, and ear infections that all arrived at the same time in children who never get ear infections–all come from an allergic reaction to our cat. She had to go.

But, for the short time she was here, I’m glad she was. I learned a lot from her. Things like, always drink running tap water instead of something in a bowl, scratch if you feel anxious, and tails are fun to chase, are burned in my memory.

I think the thing I’ll remember most, though, is her adaptability.

See, our cat tried mimicking her prey. She would make clicking noises, just like the birds outside our window. When the lizards came out of hibernation, she changed those clicks to better match the noises they made. She would alter stance, approach, speed, everything that she felt could be improved, when she decided to hunt in this house. Makes sense. She’s a predator. If she can’t catch her food, she doesn’t eat.

More than once I’ve realized that’s what I need to do in life. I need to look at the situation and ask what I can do to improve my skills in reaching my goals. In other words, adapt.

I’m really going to miss that cat.



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