New covers; gazelle focus

Now this is more like it! Not only did I get new words in today, I finally updated all the covers on The Baker’s Wife, both parts and the complete version. Very happy with it, although I know the new covers for the parts have one glaring problem: except for the part number and the tag placement changing, they all look pretty much the same. Take a look.

The Baker's Wife (part one) v2 with tag

The Baker's Wife (part two) v2 with tagThe Baker's Wife (part three) v2 with tag

Baker's Wife Main Cover v2 with tag









Sorry if it looks all chaotic there. But you see what I’m saying? Parts two and three were supposed to have something more striking, but nothing I tried worked. It only ended up looking cluttered.

I like the new cover for the complete version, though, especially the magical sparkles. Very pretty. @_@

In addition to the covers for the ebooks, I also tweaked the cover for the print version of part one. I’m hoping it works well. *tries not to chew on fingernails*

Finally, I got in a decent amount of writing today in The Lord’s Tale (part two). I’ve kind of been suffering from Gazelle Focus, as Dave Ramsey describes it, though that focus is exactly what he wants to see, whereas I feel a little intimidated by it. Don’t get me wrong. It feels nice, but it also means I’m working very hard. Looking forward to a nice rest this weekend, but maybe not from writing. That’s too much fun. 🙂

New Words: 1500

Goal for tomorrow? 2500



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