Why I can’t watch Sherlock’s season three; new words! (The two are unrelated.)

First, the more important stuff, lol. I found out that my ISP is doing something crazy, so I can’t watch any videos. Nada. None. I switch to my cell phone provider, and everything is fine. So, if I want to watch Sherlock’s season three, I’m going to have to watch through my cell phone, and I’m not sure if my plan will allow for that. Heck, if I want to watch any videos, I’m going to have to watch them through my cell phone provider.

I’m tired, so all I’ll say is that I’ve written new words in part two of The Lord’s Tale, and I’m loving it! I’ve also made note of things that have to be explained in the first part, such as how the Dogs manage to carry staves when they obviously aren’t.

I didn’t write as much as I’d hoped, but I got something in, and that’s better than nothing, my previous threshold. Tomorrow, I’ll start my goal of getting this next part knocked out in three weeks time.

New Words: 500



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