Sherlock, season 3; finishing up another print

Yesterday, my husband surprised me with the third season of Sherlock on PBS. That’s right, folks. They’re streaming it! At least, until March. We had a terrible time watching it, though. It kept freezing, or jumping to the wrong point. We hadn’t even finished the episode before we gave up, though what I saw was nice. I liked the nods to the fandom, and I liked what they did in showing that Sherlock understands people very well on a superficial level. But when it comes to someone with whom he’s emotionally involved, his logic gets short-circuited. And I really liked how Sherlock is realizing his need for “goldfish.” I liked that very much. 🙂

No new words today, mostly because getting the formatting of the print version of The Baker’s Wife (part one) took up more time than I expected. Not to mention I had to re-evaluate my method for creating the .pdf cover (GIMP doesn’t export to .pdf in a clean enough format so I use other programs).

But tomorrow I will begin writing new words again. Promise.



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