Couch; exhaustion; some revision done

You may be wondering where I’ve been. After all, this was going to be my accountability for my writing/self-publishing.

Well, Saturday and Sunday I was so tired, I couldn’t think. And then I realized that if I didn’t give myself some rest-time, I might end up relapsing with this illness that finally seems to be going away. Again. Didn’t want that, so I read manga, fixed up my “office” (otherwise known as the corner of my bedroom) and, in general, slept.

I woke up Monday feeling pretty good.

Then, we ran into some difficulties getting a new-to-us couch delivered. The wood is a bit beat up, but the structure is sound and it’s sooooooooo comfortable. So, we rented a cargo van, which turned out to be surprisingly inexpensive, and brought it home.

The whole thing took three hours, and by the afternoon yesterday, I was exhausted. It was worth it, but I crashed just as I started to get into revising/editing.

Still recovering today. By the time I managed to get somewhat back on my feet, I had to take Son #1 (hereafter known as Little Man) to a thing. It was a fun thing, and he had a great time, and I’m glad we went, but I’m so tired right now, I can hardly think.

I got in a little editing/revising today. Still haven’t finished the scene. It’s a long one. It’s also the climactic one where everything changes, things are revealed, etc. Maybe I’ll finish it tomorrow. We’ll see.



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