Print version of Shining Armor; revisions to ebook

I’ll get the stuff that makes me somewhat uncomfortable out of the way first. I’ve decided to make a few minor changes to the ebook version of Shining Armor. One is a phrasing issue that ends up changing the tone (slightly) of Annie’s time just after she enters the cave. I also changed the formatting a little. I hope to have the revised version out by Friday.

Why does this make me uncomfortable? Because I don’t want to be the kind of writer who’s constantly making changes to something that’s already published. My goal has been to not touch a book after it’s put out. I don’t think it’s fair to fans to change what’s already written (unless you’re working in public on a rough draft and are clear about this) because any change is going to jar them. It jars me, when I read a work in progress. I never entirely let go of the initial version.

So, you may ask, why am I doing this?

Because the print version of Shining Armor will be available on Amazon sometime next week. Heck, it might be ready as early as this Friday. But I changed the phrasing in the book version. I like the Kindle and the print to be the same, so that means returning to the various ebook versions and, hey, this might be a chance to pretty them up a bit.

I’m not doing this again, though. The next time I put out a print version, and there will be a next time, I’m not fixing any typos or phrasing. It’s not fair to those who have already read the ebook. I’m only doing it this once because it clarifies the text.

That’s the biggest news I’ve got this week. I’m still working on revising The Lord’s Tale (part one), and I hope to get another scene up today on Wattpad, as well as add the revisions I’ve made to the first scene. In line with this, I’m hoping to get the entire first part up on Wattpad in the next week or two, leave it for a week so that everyone who wants to read it gets a chance to read it, then leave only an excerpt when it comes time for the final polish before it’s published. Except for part one (which is still there), I didn’t do this with the various parts of The Baker’s Wife, and I wish I had.

Anyway, if you want to order a print copy of Shining Armor right now, it’s available in the Createspace e-store. When it shows up on Amazon, I’ll add a link to the My Books page, and announce it here.

More soon. 🙂



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