Cover for The Lord’s Tale (part one)!

I’m not dead. I haven’t moved. Nothing awful has happened. I’ve just been very busy. I’m trying to get part one of The Lord’s Tale moving into the final stages of production, plus I’ve started another project that I’m really excited about, and I’ve been finalizing the print version of Shining Armor (waiting for the proof now). While I have a lull, I thought I would post the cover I’ve been working on. I’m changing my approach to the covers for this series, trying to brand them a little better. Anyway, here’s what I have so far for part one.

The Lord's Tale (part one) 1

I like it. I’ll probably stick with this. Might add a blue border, though.

Eventually, all the covers will be changed to better match my vision for the look of this series. White backgrounds with different colored fonts will be used for the separate parts, while colored backgrounds (matching or close to the color of the separate parts) and gold lettering will be used for the complete versions. I’ve learned a bit more about design and text effects since I first made the covers for The Baker’s Wife, so I’ll be applying some of that soon.

But the most important thing is getting the story out there.

Update: I can already see a couple of changes that need to be made. :/


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