Ice storm; Apple, Kobo and Lady Fair

North Texas got hammered by an ice storm this weekend. Okay, maybe “hammered” isn’t the best word choice, because the little ice pellets that made up the blocks of slick coating over the roads didn’t slam into the ground. They kind of fell and drifted at the same time, at least where I was.

So the past few days have been spent planning for No Travel Whatsoever, watching the radar, watching the lines of trucks and 18-wheelers and regular cars stranded on the Interstate (some of them over 24 hours), keeping the kids occupied, and, for me, working on my To Read list. Thank goodness I went to the library before the storm hit. I think I would have gone crazy without some new books to read.

I also worked a little on setting up for the second part of The Lord’s Tale. One of the nice things about being trapped indoors: it lets the imagination run wild. Plus, I like to stay a bit ahead with a series so that I can go back and change things if needed, though I doubt I’ll change any of the plot points I already have. Maybe change how some things manifest, but that’s all.

Before I go, Lady Fair is now available in the Kobo store, and for Apple devices. I’ve updated the My Books page with the appropriate links.

And now, back to work. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get started on the rough draft of The Lord’s Tale (part two) before the day is out.

Happy Holidays!



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