Lady Fair, third chapter, and general update

© Bart Van Oijen | Dreamstime Stock Photos
© Bart Van Oijen | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Wow. Time has gone by fast. Next week is Thanksgiving here in America and I think I have to get the turkey out now. Maybe. I don’t know.

I do know I’ve been so swamped with trying to make the deadline for Lady Fair that I lost all sense of promotion. But, here is the third chapter (still not “set” entirely) for your reading pleasure.

Also, once I’ve gotten Lady Fair put together and uploaded, I’m back to work on the next book in the Trial of the Ornic series with The Lord’s Tale (part one). When we last left Zhiv and Krysilla (and their friends) they planned on seeing Lord Mirilisin, one of the few who actually holds some of Zhiv’s trust. But Lord Mirilisin has a request of his own before he’s willing to give them asylum and bring Vyomsi to justice, one that will put Zhiv and Krysilla in danger, both from scoundrels…and the Dogs.

Gee, I guess I’ve been writing some blurbs this past year, haven’t I? Seriously, I had a fun time writing this next part, and I was surprised at how easily the story flowed. It should be ready by January, 2014. If you loved The Baker’s Wife, I really think you’ll like what happens in The Lord’s Tale.

I hope to start writing the draft of part two of The Lord’s Tale in the next few weeks. That way, you won’t have a long wait between the two. It’s really necessary this time. *evil grin*

Oh, and I also hope to have a print version of Shining Armor out sometime early next year. Just so you know.

As for the previously mentioned changes to this blog…I’m not sure what to do with it at the moment. I think I’d be better served by a mailing list, but I don’t like what my business can currently afford. So, this blog has become kind of like a replacement for that.

The problem is that by restricting this to announcements, it’s not really a blog anymore. Not like it was. But frankly, I’m not sure if I even want to blog like I once did. Beyond stories, what else can I offer? Not to mention, I’m not too thrilled with some of the changes that are happening to WordPress. They have to do what they have to do, but I’m thinking of moving elsewhere. If I do, I’ll leave a note here, if I can.

Then again, I may end up posting my thoughts on Thor: The Dark World next week. Who knows?

In the meantime, I hope your week goes well and, if you’re in America, I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving, with much to be thankful for. Until next time, farewell!



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