Do You Read Self-Published Books Differently? Yes, You Do!

In no way scientific, but still very interesting, results.



A while back I asked you if you thought that you read self-published books differently, and it occurred to me today that I never shared the results. So here they are:


Keeping in mind that this is in no way scientific and is only a small fraction of the people who read the post, let alone a microscopic dot in the world of people who read self-published books, the feedback was that:

  • 33% of you said that yes, you were sure you read self-published books differently
  • 25% of you said that you wish you didn’t, but you can’t help it
  • Which when combined, makes it 58% of respondents who say they read self-published books differently, i.e. judge them differently to traditionally published books
  • 33% said they didn’t read them differently
  • 8% said they didn’t know
  • 4% said they didn’t and no one else did either. (The sun…

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