The Baker’s Wife (complete) on Kobo again and other thoughts

Now that all the nonsense has settled, The Baker’s Wife (complete) is once again available at Kobo.

One of the good things about this dustup is that I stopped for a moment to look at the page on which the buying info resides, including Related Titles. All of them were fantasy, and one in particular was romantic fantasy, which fits my book perfectly. I don’t know if the related titles are hand-picked or not. But seeing those titles made me smile and warmed my heart. It’s the same feeling I get when I hear back from someone who’s read my story and “gets it,” you know?

So I’m not going to boycott Kobo or anything, even though some other indie authors are calling for it (check out #kobogeddon on Twitter if you want to see some of the wrath). From what I understand of the retail business, this sometimes happens. It’s not a reason to boycott. Instead, it’s a reason to keep increasing the number of channels where my book is available, including (someday) POD and a physical presence in bookstores so that dustups like this will have less of an effect on sales. Heck, I might even print a hardcover edition if the sales justify it.

That would be nice.



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