Why there was no post yesterday (and upcoming sale)

I formatted and put up for sale on Kindle (and Nook in the case of one), two more ebooks, and I’m figuring out the logistics of an upcoming sale.

First, a short story I was sending around, but decided to self-publish called Soda Pop Dragon Charm. It’s a cute, little thing that’s more lighthearted than I usually write. It’ll be available for one week for free here on my blog, starting this Friday, but if you want to purchase it before then, here are the links:



Also, (and here’s the announcement I’ve been waiting for ever since I started writing it) the first three parts of The Baker’s Wife have been compiled and are available for sale on Kindle!

I hope to add it to Nook and other channels today.

One final thing: all my books will be $0.99 cents on Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords September 7th to 9th. (If I could control the price better on Smashwords Premium channels, I would include those as well.)

This temporary price reduction is a thank you to those who have purchased other items of mine. I am so grateful to everyone who has purchased a copy of one of my stories, or added one of them on Goodreads. Thank you.

Okay, one more thing: I hope to have a review of Larkspur Cove by Lisa Wingate up tomorrow, as well as another chapter in my self-publishing guide. And that’s it. Done. On to uploading and writing.


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