Quick note

I’ve been busy with edits and working on updating (and creating) covers. I’m very tired, right now, so the new covers won’t be updated here until sometime tomorrow. Actually, considering it’s early morning now, I guess that would be later today. :/

Also, I’ll be updating Wattpad tomorrow/today and adding more scenes to part one on said Wattpad.Β 

(Typing is getting difficult. Going to sleep now. Night!)


5 thoughts on “Quick note

        1. That looks fantastic! I wish it fit with the feel of my stories. It’s good work, and I’ll be mentioning it in next week’s post on covers.

          Also, do you mind if I tweet the link you sent me?


        2. Not at all! I would be pleased as punch, in fact~ πŸ™‚
          My Twitter is @CameronOharaLuv

          And I suppose I should mention that I am flexible with my styles~ I would love the opportunity to try something knew artistically. πŸ™‚



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