Seriously. This post is about boots. It doesn’t even have any real information. But I think they’re pretty, and useful, so I’m sharing a small portion of the pics I found when I was looking for inspiration for the clothing of my current series.

(Links to the original page where I found them are below the pic. Disclaimer: I get no money or any other form of remuneration from the sites I’ve linked to in this post. The pics/information here is for informational purposes only.)

Except for the slight wear, I thought these boots would fit an upper-class, fashionable kind of character. Maybe they come in a variety of colors?



Okay, I know these aren’t Renaissance period boots, but I liked them and thought they’d work well for a cold-weather culture.



I’ve always seen these as Zhiv’s boots.



And that does it for today. Trying to keep my posts shorter so I have more time to write/edit and still post here. (BTW, part three is going through the final major pass right now. It should be ready for formatting by the end of the week. Should. *fingers crossed*)



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