Lord Gebron’s Coup plus general update

Many, many years ago, I wrote a short story called, originally, Royal Blue. It was sf and pretty dark. I mean, it starts off with an aristocrat on a far-off planet checking out the success of his assassination plans and he’s looking around a basement with blood and bullet holes and yeah. Dark.

But it isn’t depressing, which I’ve always enjoyed/been glad of. And it’s the very first story that I wrote that I felt comfortable shopping around—after a grueling series of critiques that helped me realize that I was being confusing, not subtle. (Much gratitude to those who helped me see I was wrong.)

Anyway, it’s free for the next few days at Smashwords, if any of you are interested in where my head was, back around 2004 or so. Sale extends through July 31st. Here’s the link:


As for the rest, the last part of The Baker’s Wife will likely be out in late August/early September of this year. I’ll be adding more to the rough draft on Wattpad somewhere in there, though it will likely be taken down once part three is finished and ready for publication. Input on that is more than welcome.

Then, I’ll start writing part one of the next volume, tentatively titled The Lord’s Tale. Not sure if I’ll keep that name or not.

After that’s done, I’ll start revising book two in The Will of the Unknown. That should be done closer to Christmas.

So, that’s my update. I hope you enjoy the free story, and if you bought any of my work, thank you!



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