Why I will probably socialize less next week (and the week after that and…)

This week has been quite a week for me. Lots of changes. Now that it’s affecting this blog and other places where I socialize, I’m afraid I have to make this announcement. I’ve made it before, but for different reasons. Then, it was a choice. Now, it’s…complicated.

My time socializing is going to be severely limited. I’ll still tweet on occasion, update my status on FB and G+, and make notes on books I’m reading on Goodreads. In fact, Goodreads has been the best incentive for reading that I think I’ve ever had. (There’s a whole post on why I stopped reading, but I think I’ll save that for much, much later.) So, I’m not getting rid of my online presence. I’ll just be a bit more difficult to find.

The reason is that I’ll be using Wi-Fi hotspots for the next few weeks (months? who knows?). And when I do get online, chances are good most of that time will be spent uploading stories I’ve been working on here at home (Wattpad is included in this), sharing critiques, and sending back reviews I promised to write. I’ll check email through my phone. As I said in the previous paragraph, I’m not going on some sort of networking fast. I just won’t be as available as I am now.

So, the good news is, my productivity will likely skyrocket. 😀 The bad news is, this may be my last week to really get crazy online.

The result? For the rest of the week, I will be finishing a couple of animes I’ve been putting off (Madoka, I’m looking at you) and unfollowing those who tweet too often about their books. Fun. That’s the key. I’m going into this like I’m going to Carneval or Mardi Gras. If it isn’t fun, educational, or interesting, I don’t want to see it.

And now, for an update.

I’ll be uploading a couple more rough draft scenes from part three of The Baker’s Wife to Wattpad tomorrow. Here’s the direct link to the story. (I took down the proto-cover because it annoyed me. The default cover also annoys me, but not as much as the one I slapped on there before.)

If you want a free copy of Shining Armor or Master of Roads (short story), you have a few more days. The freebies end on July 6th. Even then, the stories will still be available at a discount. Because I’m not feeling well today, I’m only going to link to my Smashwords profile. Pick the book you like. 🙂

Smashwords Profile Page for Amy Keeley

I’m down sick today. My word count is suffering, but I should have the rough draft finished by next week at the latest. This means that I should have the finished part three available for purchase sometime in September of this year.

This also means that I’ll have completed the first book in the series Trial of the Ornic. Yeeaaaaa!!! *does happy dance*

I still have the sequel to Shining Armor on the schedule. However, I may end up writing a book that joins the two better. It feels like too much of a jump from one plot to the other. I may end up writing a new sequel and making the current sequel a book number three or something. We’ll see.



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