Progress report; part one free again; increasing price on Shining Armor

Just a quick note to say three things.

First, I discovered a major flaw in part three of The Baker’s Wife and am currently redrafting a large chunk of it. I had hoped to finish it today, but I’m looking (based on my current schedule) at two weeks of actual drafting. This does not include editing and other production items. Just story.

This means I’m going to be working like a demon for the next week or two, trying to hit as high a word count as I can. (Got the solution, just need to implement it.)

Second, part one of The Baker’s Wife will be going through its final bit of promotion next week, June 24th through June 26th. Meaning? It will be free on Kindle, probably for the last time at that outlet, though who knows?

Finally, after much research, thought, and soul-searching, I’ve decided to raise the price of Shining Armor to $7.99, as part of a general raising of prices. This will occur on Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords sometime next week, and trickle out from there to other stores.

So if you want a copy of Shining Armor at the current price of $4.99, now is the time to get it. Thank you.

*goes back to redrafting*



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