Update and Free Kindle Book

I’ve started work on The Baker’s Wife (part three). It’s been a crazy week, so the word counts have been low, but it’s started. I was going to put information from previous novels into the story itself (kind of how a book in a series does it) but I think that’ll be too much repetition for small books like this. It certainly is making the beginning of part three feel bloated. I’ll probably just have an author’s note at the beginning, perhaps with a, “Previously…on…Lost,” kind of feel. I don’t know.

What do you think? Seriously, leave a comment and let me know which you prefer: a brief author’s note before you read the story, or previous info wrapped into the story itself.

(Note: I will eventually be tying all these parts into one ebook.)

Oh, and part one of The Baker’s Wife is currently free on Kindle today (May 10th) and tomorrow (May 11th). Click the linky for your free ebook! *waves pom-poms and cheers*

*realizes the book isn’t nearly as cheerful as her enthusiasm for getting the word out…stops waving the pom-poms and quietly sits*

The Baker’s Wife (part one)



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