Character sketches

I have no idea if this will interest any of you. But for those who are curious, when I was creating Zhiv and Krysilla, I tried sketching them.

It took me a lot of tries. 😦

But I love manga and figured maybe I could at least draw something halfway decent in that style. Something I could look at when I’m struggling to visualize my character in my head. And this is what ended up coming out.

May I present to you, Krysilla Gillasin (on the left) and Zhiv Mikailsin (on the right).

Krysilla Gillasin (Trial of the Ornic) Photo 2013-05-09 03.33.18 PM

Not the best drawings around (there are so many things I’d change), but they’re workable. And they really do help when I’m trying to see my characters in my head.



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