Baker’s Wife, part two, rough draft complete

I’ve finished the rough draft! Now, it’s off to editing. I get to play around with the cover, then format the manuscript when it comes back from editing, and voila! An ebook.

Also, I’ve decided to use the KDP Select program for a while. This means that, unlike my past publishing announcements, there will be only one place where you can purchase it, for at least the next three months. Currently, my plan is to use KDP Select for the initial sales, then put it through all channels after the 90 day exclusivity period is over. So, if you don’t have a Kindle, or just prefer reading in a different format, that will be possible about three months after the initial publication.

Also, I will be putting Shining Armor and The Baker’s Wife, part one, through Select as well once they’ve been taken down from the various distributor sites they’re currently on. Not sure if I mentioned that here. If you want any of those books in a non-Kindle format, you might want to get it now. (Sounds ominous, but I’m not trying to be.)

I have to admit, I’m tired, though. Very tired. It’s been a long week. Productive, but long. And yet, I’m so very happy.



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