Life getting better, Transitions, Copyediting

Good gosh, has this been a week.  Or two.  I’m losing track of time, which is bad since I have so little of it lately.  However, much has changed and, considering my last post, I think an update is in order.

To be brief:

1.  Things have gotten better.

2.  We now know what my husband is suffering from.  I’m not sure how much he wants me to put in a public forum, but I think it’s all right to say his chosen field is literally killing him.

3.  In order for him to get better things are going to have to change in our lives.  Not little changes, either.  It’s both frightening and exciting.

Copyedits on Shining Armor had halted during this time, but have resumed.  They should be done by the end of October.  That’s the current plan.

Not sure yet what I want to do about this blog.  Re-thinking a lot of things right now.  I do know I want to shift my attention to my website, so if this place looks a little untended, try finding new posts there.


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