No, ignoring my blog is not part of my plan

This week has been intense.  Building my platform not only got pushed aside, but thrown in the basement and hidden in a brown paper bag entitled “Important” that somehow managed to get kicked to a dusty corner and decorated by the spiders.

In other words, I haven’t thought about it until today.  Here’s why:

One of our family members, my husband, has been dealing with some health problems.  He fills many roles in our family’s life (provider, wise man, prankster, etc.) and when he struggles, it’s almost as bad as when I get sick.

Which I am.  Not on the level he’s dealing with.  I just have a cold*.  Him, we haven’t gotten a diagnosis yet and it’s gotten so old trying to work with people who want to help but have no idea what you’ve got that both my husband and I decided to try natural/herbal remedies we know from experience work, but on a level we’ve never tried before.  It means I’ve been completely focused on said remedies this past week.  We’re very pleased with the results so I don’t regret the time.

However, I also didn’t want anyone to think this blog has been abandoned.

I’m still working through the How to Think Sideways course.  I review it when I can on Amazon.  Working through that course and Holly Lisle’s shorter course, Create a Culture Clinic, has not only helped me add depth to my dragons and their world, it’s forced me to look, again, at Shining Armor.  I swear though, I’m only adding one detail that has to be added or I’ll never be able to live with myself.  It’s a cool detail and thank goodness the thing hasn’t been published because that means I still have time.  Not much, but it’s there.  Plus, I don’t have to put it in more than three places and those are all toward the end of the novel**.

If things continue to get better this week, I’ll have a new post up on Thursday.  Otherwise, I may just take the next three weeks off from platform-building.  We’ll see.

* By the way, it’s very dangerous to blog when you’re feeling under the weather or overly tired.  All sorts of mistakes creep in.  Never do it.

** By the way, it’s very dangerous to make any changes to your manuscript when you’re feeling under the weather or overly tired.  It’s a great way to ruin something magical.  Never do it.



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