Imprints, An Autumn Rain Novel: a review

Imprints, An Autumn Rain NovelImprints, An Autumn Rain Novel by Rachel Ann Nunes

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is a better book than I expected. Since it’s suspense, I can’t really describe the plot, and actually that might be a good thing. More on that later.

Autumn Rain didn’t come out looking too good in this book. She tends to be pretty ditzy and half the time her actions don’t make any sense. I mean, if she hates touching stuff that much, why doesn’t she wear gloves? I think that would make for a great contrast with her barefooted, earth-mother image. It would also be a visual reminder of her ambivalence about her “gift” since she’d have to take the gloves off to use it, something she could do whenever she wants to feel a positive imprint. And that’s just one, superficial, example. There’s plenty more that made me wonder what on earth she was thinking most of the time.

However, she has some initiative without always turning stupid. A nice change of pace.

Jake is awesome as the typical, warm, sensitive hero of this romance. I don’t think I’m spoiling anything since it’s pretty clear from the start who he is. Nunes tries to create a love triangle (quadrangle?) but it doesn’t work simply because the affection between Jake and Autumn is so clear. In fact, I hope she avoids a triangle in the next book because it made it difficult to sympathize with the heroine in this one.

As for the romance, it’s nicely done. This is a clean/sweet/no bedroom scenes romance and it works very well. Jake and Autumn make a cute couple and I liked how Nunes tied in the imprinting idea to the romance. Absolutely beautiful.

The paranormal aspect obviously had some thought put into it. Nunes never violates the rules that say what Autumn can and can’t do. Plus, she plays off the “twins” notion in a way that makes sense (and makes me want to read the book before this).

As for the suspense, it’s not there. It really is the weakest part, especially toward the end when all the loose ends are getting tied up during the climax of the story. Though there’s some tense scenes, the dialogue gets cheesy and/or Scooby-dooish. (I swear, at one point, I thought one of the villains was going to say “And I would have done it, too, if it hadn’t been for you meddlin’ kids”. He almost did. :P)

It’s a good read, though, perfect for when you want a sweet romance that puts the hero and heroine in a little danger. I’m willing to try the next one for the romance alone (I’ve had a hard time finding sweet paranormals).

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