Hoping for Loki’s Redemption

Pausing the dragon myth series for a little bit while I focus on editing and formatting.   In the meantime…

I’ve seen both Thor and The Avengers in the past week.  Actually, I’ve watched more movies than that since my husband and I were preparing for said Avengers film, but those are the two that are relevant to this post.  I liked them more than I expected.  And, even after seeing The Avengers, I like Loki.  Seriously, I could gush about him for some time.

This disturbs me because, currently, Loki has a tendency to kill people.  I don’t get into Dexter for that very reason.  And yet, I don’t have that reaction to Loki.  The thing is, I don’t think he’s truly bad at heart.  Not yet, anyway.  There are reasons he’s a sympathetic character.  (I tried writing them out but it took up so much space I think I’ll save it for a later post.)

I don’t know.  Maybe I’ve gone crazy.  The guy who plays him, Tom Hiddleston, is kinda handsome, so it might be this is just a case of Draco in Leather Pants.

Maybe not.  Maybe it’ll turn out that there’s still something good left inside him.

There is a problem with this, of course.  People have died because of him.  So, in order for me to believe Loki’s redemption, a few things have to happen.

  1. He has to show that he’s learned how to forgive.  He doesn’t have to say the words, “I forgive you.”  That would be hokey.  But his heart does need to soften toward Thor and his adoptive family.  Maybe a conversation with Frigga?  I don’t know.  Whatever it is needs to be a catalytic event that lasts.  I don’t want a moment like Thor got where he talks with Jane, drinks with Erik, and suddenly he’s no longer the rash, spoiled brat he was before.  No, Loki’s change has to take longer than that (maybe show some misgivings at the beginning of the movie) and it has to be tied to the events around him.
  2. He needs to show he’s becoming sane again.  No more of this self-pitying garbage he’s got filling up his head.  He has to admit that his view of his adoptive family was wrong (i.e. maybe they really did love him after all).
  3. He has to show some attempt at fixing the damage he’s done.  This can be subtle and totally Loki.  But, again, it has to be real and deep and lasting.


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