Shining Armor Beta-read and Loki, Son of Laufey

Very soon, two things are going to happen in my writing world.

First, the revision of Shining Armor is almost done.  I’ve got a few more things to check and then it’s off to the beta-readers next week.

Oh, by the way, if you’re interested in becoming a beta-reader, please contact me using the link on the right-hand side of the blog.

Second, for those who found me through, I have a small announcement.  I watched The Avengers this past weekend.  Watching it got me interested in the Norse god Loki again.  As a result, I looked at a story of mine I haven’t read in years that I published on called Loki, Son of Laufey.

I was surprised to find that I don’t think it’s a bad story.  It’s not as good as the stuff I’m writing now (my opinion) but it has heart and I love the interaction between Loki and Sigyn, even after all this time.

It also somehow lost its formatting for the section breaks.  This makes for an annoying read.  I’ve tried fixing it.  Nothing seems to work, and I’m not in the mood to deal with anyone’s “customer support” right now.  Since I was going to eventually turn it into an ebook anyway, I’m using this as an opportunity to learn how to format a novel-length ebook with a linked table of contents.

Because I’m not sending it off to an editor, and I’m spending next to nothing on the cover, it’ll be free.  Because I can’t help myself, I’ve already revised some things, clarified some scenes, added one for the fun of it, and tried to fix the truly awful errors, but that’s it.  I’ve left it mostly as is, warts and all.  I’ll probably add it—either to a hosting service with a link here, or Smashwords—in the next two weeks, give or take a month.  (In fact, I hope to have a cover reveal for the story next week.)

Once that’s done, I’ll announce it at the beginning of the version and on this blog.  Again, I’m not charging for it.  It’ll be as free as the original version.  Hopefully, it’ll also be a slightly more enjoyable read.



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