Promotion on Facebook?


As I mentioned a few days ago before a review, I joined Facebook.  Like joining Twitter, it’s a “what on earth does this thing do” kind of move in my so-called writing career.  Unlike joining Twitter, it’s not as much fun as I had hoped.

It’s nice in some ways.  I like being able to interact on the pages of people I admire.  I also like the extra room and the way a status update looks.  The problem is it’s not as intuitive to me as Twitter was.  Oh, sure, I’m still not entirely convinced I’m tweeting correctly, but I’m gaining followers and having fun.  Facebook is just…odd.

The whole “pay to promote” thing doesn’t help. It makes me more confused about what Facebook is supposed to be.

Maybe FB itself doesn’t know any more.

That said, I can see where it might be useful for interacting with fans.  As long as I don’t expect it to be a useful promotional tool immediately, I think it might become just as fun/addictive as tweeting.  We’ll see.


4 thoughts on “Promotion on Facebook?

  1. Shira Windschitl

    I feel the exact opposite. Twitter is an inhumane torture device of epic proportions, FB is far more manageable. It’s fun to see how other’s see the same things.


    1. LOL! I love that description of Twitter. 🙂 Hootsuite helps. It helps me track multiple hashtags/search strings which keeps me in touch with my favorite topics.

      It definitely is fun to see the differences, like the story of the blind men and the elephant. I always remember that story when someone disagrees with me about something.

      If you don’t mind my asking, do you use FB for connecting with friends or promotion (or both)?


      1. Shira Windschitl

        Right now, it’s connection to friend and family plus networking. I feel weird making myself a page when I have a perfectly good blog.


        1. Thanks. Your answer goes in line with what I’ve heard (FB is mostly for connecting with people you already know).

          About the page, I agree. That’s why I resisted for so long. We’ll see how it goes.



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