Dragon Myths: Tiamat (Mesopotamia)

I’m in a writing mood today.  So, instead of a nice, straightforward piece of non-fiction, I typed up this.  It’s rough draft/spur of the moment but I hope you enjoy it.

(Note: This has nothing to do with my story, The First Mistake.  My story is veeeery loosely based on the Tiamat of Babylonian myth with a wildly different take on the myth.  What I’ve written below is much closer to the actual myth as we currently have it.)


Swift the rebel horde comes against the gods.  Tiamat, mother of all, watches them from within their ranks with pride.  Soon she will have quiet again.  Soon, she will have her revenge.

Marduk, the enemy, shining brighter than the sun, calls her alone to battle against him.  He calls out to her her triumphs, naming them “sins”.  Her rage builds.  How dare he, her fury hisses in her heart.  They came from me and were nurtured by me.  They killed Apsu, their own father who only wanted quiet.  Her soul cries out for a being who will never warm the night beside her again.  And she goes mad.

Racing with claws outstretched, she closes in on Marduk’s vile face.  Blinded by rage, she doesn’t see the net until it’s already tightening around her.  She opens her mouth to roar and the evil wind pours in, stunning her.

She looks at the spear she knows will kill her, the lightning dancing along its edge as it rises high above her, then down into her belly.  Her blood flows out, light sparkling on its surface like water.  A sigh, and she’s gone.  The quiet she’d wanted fills her ears.

But even in death, she finds no peace.  Marduk tears her into pieces and stretches half of her across the sky.  He pierces her eyes.  They become the source of the Tigris and the Euphrates.  And he tells the men he creates that good can be found in even the most vile of creatures.


Actual myth can be found here:  Enuma Elish at Sacred Texts



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