Editing and using a cover as a motivator

It’s been a while since I posted a general update.  So, here’s how things currently stand.

The edits for Shining Armor are going well. There’s some sticky spots where I have to change dialogue, which always makes me feel like I’m walking a tightrope over molten lava with knives on my shoes. Other than that, the changes have been surprisingly painless. In fact, most of the time its fun! I’m discovering new depth to my two main characters and looking forward to an improved novel by the end of it.

Once that’s done, I’ll be passing out free ARC’s to beta-readers (pre-copy edit) to make sure the structure is sound and that it resonates with my intended audience. I’d hate to throw a book out there that only gets read by…well, no one. Except maybe my husband (he’s very supportive).

I want to do this before the copy edit in case any other major structural issues jump out in the beta-reading process.  I’d hate to spend (lots of) money on a book that still had major issues.

Finally, I made a cover to inspire me to finish the edits. It probably won’t be the actual cover. The image is too “historical” for the kind of novel Shining Armor actually is. Still, I like looking at it and dreaming. It’s been a good motivator. If it really grows on me, I may post it on here, along with a couple of other possibilities.  Not sure when that will be.

More next month. Let’s hope I’m finished with the structural edit/revising by then. Wish me luck!

Photo taken by Guðmundur D. Haraldsson



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