branding as spiritual journey

I looked at branding as a necessary evil.  Something marketers and salespeople do to get people to buy things of questionable value.  This meant I would read articles on branding, nod my head, and think, “I write all kinds of things.  There isn’t a single thread that ties them all together.  Well, I write a lot of fantasy.  With romance.  I guess that counts.”

Discovering your category, I’ve learned, is not branding.  It’s part of it.  But I was willing to leave all that alone.

However, a while back I got a book from Kindle. (“Got” is a little vague.  I purchased it.)  It’s a pretty good book and I’ll eventually post my thoughts on it at some future point.  One of the things it has you do is distill your brand.  Obviously, I skipped that part and kept reading.  But everything they suggested went back to that one exercise.  So, I rubbed my eyes, took a deep breath and started brainstorming what my writing actually is.

The more I wrote, examined, pondered, the more I realized I wasn’t examining my stories.  My writing is an extension of my thoughts, beliefs, essence.  My brand, I learned, is a distillation of who I am.  What had begun as a marketing technique, became a spiritual journey.

I learned why I read the books I read.

I learned why I find some plots more appealing than others.

I learned what I want to convey with my stories and how I want my readers to feel when they reach the end.

I learned more about who I am.

For those of you who are resisting examining your brand as another marketing trick, I strongly recommend viewing it as a look in the mirror.  There are amazing things to find if you do.



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