The Dragon Marathon: it begins with a Kiss of Fire

What I’m about to say may sound strange, especially given my focus, lately, on trying to find romances with no explicit sex in them.  However, given my lack of knowledge regarding what’s come before, I have to do this.

Yesterday, I started what I shall dub The Dragon Marathon (TDM).  This has been a long time coming.  The trigger was when I realized there was an element in my novel that was similar to another novel.

It terrified me.  Seriously, with all the talk of plagiarism and my own artistic conscience screaming to be fresh and original, I had to read it.  And then, remembering my previous post, I decided it was better to read these books before I finish the sequel.  Safer for me and my characters, you know.

So far, from what I can discover, there’s next to no similarity.  The one element I thought might be similar has a different source, a different purpose, and a different outcome.

[insert sigh of relief]

Still, this week is homework week.  I’m starting with Kiss of Fire by Deborah Cooke.  I’m hoping to read a novel every three days in the evening so that I still have time in the afternoon for writing. Which I still have to do.  Better get to it while I still have the time.




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