dragon heroes

I’m doing two things for the next few weeks.  First, I’m working on the rough draft of my sequel (title to be decided).  Second, I have a tall stack of dragon shape-shifting paranormal/fantasy romance novels on my bookshelf.  I will be reading each of them, one by one.

I don’t usually read while I’m working on a novel.  Two stories in my head at once really doesn’t work, especially if they happen to be on similar topics.

It’s just, I find myself, when people ask what kind of stories I like, saying, “Oh, shape-shifters.  Dragon shape-shifters.  They’re my favorite right now.”  It’s true.  I love how intelligent they are.  I love how civilized they can be and yet I also love that the raw power they contain can be unleashed in an instant, destroying the countryside.  Plus, I just love the way they look.  I have to admit to true superficiality here.  Dragons look awesome!  Their scales, their wings, their dragon snouts:  I love all of it.

Anyway, when I joined my paranormal romance reading group on Goodreads and said that I love them so very much, I realized something terrible.  I haven’t actually read any dragon shape-shifter type romance novels.  I’ve read myths (one of which was very romantic and another that had potential if the dragon had been nicer), but they’re not the same.  Oh, and my own stories.  That’s it.

So, now I have a stack of romance novels with dragons in them, waiting for me to fall into their worlds, so that when I talk about paranormal romances with dragons as the heroes, I’ll know what the heck I’m talking about.  And somehow, while I’m catching up, I’m also supposed to keep a firm grip on the world I’m currently in and the one I’m creating.  It’s bad enough I could barely stop from reading Dreaming Creek (curse you, Edmund R. Schubert, for holding me captive with your plot!).

More than this, while buying the next volume of Dengeki Daisy at Barnes & Noble (squee!), I saw a copy of a manga called The Earl and the Fairy.  I’ve read some of the story and I’m hooked.

Dang it. At this rate, Master of Roads will be the only story I’ll manage to publish.

Talking of which, if you want to get it for free, the sale on Smashwords will be ending this Saturday, March 10th, at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time.  It doesn’t have any dragons in it, but it does have gods and since dragons are considered gods in some parts of the world, perhaps these two stories aren’t that different.  Feel free to click on the link to the right (under the book cover) and take a look.



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