Pinterest can sell uploaded content?

I thought Pinterest looked really interesting.  And I’d heard of some really interesting uses from a writing perspective (settings, character-related images, etc.).  I thought about joining but knew I didn’t have the time.  Tweeting, blogging and Goodreads are the limit of my social media serving for the day.

Now, I’m glad I didn’t.  Virtual Moxie has decided to stop using Pinterest due to concerns over copyright.  The TOS grants Pinterest the right to sub-license, sell, etc. content on the site.  This means that if you upload original content, Pinterest, according to the agreement, can (if it wants to) sell it without paying you anything.  That’s if I’m reading it correctly.  In other words, it may not be just a place to put cool pictures.  This on the heels of the discovery that Pinterest earns money from the pics users place on boards through an affiliate program and that they modify the links by adding a tracking code to pins.  There’s another issue regarding copyright infringement on content that resides on other sites, but I recommend reading the article for that.  My mind can’t handle any more analysis at the moment (this is your brain on writing, kids).

If it turns out to be nothing, I’m sorry I worried any of you.

(Thank you to Sonia G. Medeiros who tweeted a link to the article linked above.  It’s how I found out about this.  Goodness gracious, I’m really liking Twitter!)


3 thoughts on “Pinterest can sell uploaded content?

    1. Fiercely Yours, I agree. Thanks for stopping by!

      Pete Denton, I’m torn on the idea of privacy on the Net. Obviously, it’s a good thing, but I’m almost entirely convinced it doesn’t exist. It’s amazing the information you can find about yourself floating around in cyberspace and that’s just the free stuff. Still, it’s an ideal and one worth striving for. [gets off soapbox and gets back to writing]



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