quality or quantity

I’ve been thinking over my posts for the past few days and what this blog means to my writing.

Wow, that sounds heavy.  Like when someone says, “We need to talk.”  It’s not that bad.  Trust me.

I’ve noticed that some of the things I’ve put on this blog would work better on Twitter.  If you can’t believe I just said that, neither can I.  The problem is that I think the quality of these posts could be better.  The only way I see to do that would be to slow down on my posting.

The problem is that I still need to connect in some form and in a format where time isn’t as big a deal.  Twitter–after the reading I’ve been doing ever since Aly Hughes pointed me to a couple of great articles about it (thank you Aly!)–seems like an updated form of IRC.  It’s not actually IRC but it’s very similar.  It also looks like a big time suck.  That’s why I’ve been avoiding it.

So I’ve told myself.  But then I began noticing the amount of time I spent blogging and realized it was about the same amount of time I’d been worried about giving to Tweeting.  And blogging was also cutting into my writing time and was feeling about as productive as I feared Twitter would.  Posting daily is just too much for me.  The quality goes down because I’m given to putting up whatever catches my eye instead of using a blog for what it does best:  showcasing writing.  That needs to be my focus for this blog, whether it’s through a well-written article/rambling or a story excerpt or the result of a writing challenge.  It’s what makes sense to me in attracting readers.  And that means less posting.

For those who follow my blog, it should be a bonus.  You’ll have fewer posts to catch up on, lol, and what you do get should be more interesting and worth your time.  I hope.

As for Twitter, I think I’ve figured out how to do it so that it won’t suck up my life.  I will be joining it later today and will provide a link at some point in the near future on the sidebar, probably below my contact link.

Oh, by the way, I have a Contact link.  It’s the link on the right that says “click here” in a large font.  If, for whatever reason, you want to use it to send me an email, please fill out the form, send, and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

As for visiting blogs and commenting, I’ll definitely keep doing that.  The people I’ve found share too much good stuff for me to stay away.


4 thoughts on “quality or quantity

  1. It is difficult finding the balance between proper writing and blogging, tweeting etc. I started blogging and joined twitter at the same time. Twitter took over my life for a couple of months, but I’ve found a balance I can live with and done the same with blogging.

    I’ve read posts from a few people recently saying the same thing. I think quality over quantity every time. When you sign up let me know and I’ll follow 🙂



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