day off

I took a day off from writing today.  I tried writing the scene list yesterday but it just was not clicking.  I mean, bad not clicking.  And that was after putting in a fair amount of work.  Every time that happens, I know it’s because my thoughts are elsewhere and I need to take a day off to focus on balancing my life again.

So, today I decluttered my room.  Well, technically it’s not totally mine;  I share it with my husband.  Not so technically, about half the stuff in it (the stuff that can’t be called “shared”) is his so when I declutter, I try to be careful not to make all the decisions on what stays or goes unless it really is completely mine.  This means that when I declutter, I have a tendency to take up what little time he has during breaks asking him if this should stay or if he still wants to hang on to that thing he used to love.  It’s used to, isn’t it?  And he puts up with me digging through his stuff with an enormous amount of patience.  We both like the result.

I’m not completely done getting rid of stuff/organizing but the room feels so much lighter.  I feel much lighter.  Sleepy, but lighter.  We’ll see how it affects my writing tomorrow.



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