if you want a free writing lesson…

As part of my reading group on Goodreads, I read Shatter Me.  I wrote my thoughts in a review that, looking back, seems a bit too forgiving.  But I love X-Men and I did like a couple of the characters, so I managed to get through it.  And I write.  I know how hard it can be.  But the more I think about that book, the more I shake my head.

This blog post not only sums up my thoughts on the book better than I did, it is a fantastic lesson for those who want to be a Writer, especially those who think metaphors and speculative fiction mix like sugar and lemon juice in water.  🙂  Do not mix.  Read the post and you’ll see why.  Plus, you’ll get introduced to some of the most awful sins a writer can commit when it comes to phrasing, plot, characters, etc.

(For the record, I feel for Ms. Mafi.  I struggle with many problems in my writing.  Every writer does, more or less.  I think what gets me is not that she’s written a bad book but that it managed to get published.  Not just that, Nathan Bransford touted it [though his use of the word “unique” to describe her phrasing gives me pause].  She does have talent.  If an editor had worked with her…ah, well.  Back to work.)



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