ej (almost) has a rival

Eric Johnson (EJ) is still number one on my list of favorite musicians.  His music really resonates in a way I’ve never experienced (even with the guy I’m about to mention).  But I heard a song by Gotye the other morning and found myself hooked.  It’s the lyrics that get me.  And because I don’t think it’s fair to judge a person’s work by one song, I present three.

This isn’t my absolute favorite song by him.  Plus, the story in the animation is so sad.  But the lyrics are, I think, beautiful.

This also isn’t my favorite song by him. However, it’s the one that seems to be getting the most radio play and I love how the lyrics sound so natural, like they’re talking.

This is my favorite song by him. I love the story in the lyrics. What can I say? I’m a helpless romantic.  There is no video with this.  Just a picture.

Hearts a Mess is also excellent, but this is all the time I have.  I’ve finished the character sheets for the sequel and I’ve even got a working title that works.  I’m currently figuring out the scene list.  And these allergies are still acting up.  But I should be able to get to a comment or two before I crash tonight.

(Just so it’s said, I don’t get any compensation in any way, shape, or form, from mentioning Gotye’s music or linking to these videos.)



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