first day working on other things

It’s been a long day, filled with non-writing things.  My eyes keep closing so please forgive me if this post rambles.  Decluttering my bedroom took top priority, followed by general housecleaning.  In an effort to balance my life, I’m getting back into routines instead of a set schedule.  That way, instead of beating myself up because I didn’t do exactly what the schedule said to do, I bounce back and forth between writing projects and taking care of my family all day.  I’m finding that works best.

It feels weird, though.  I’ve focused for so long on editing, proofing, formatting and creating the cover for Master of Roads that it feels odd not doing anything beyond getting the word out.  And then, shifting over to the foundational work for the sequel to that novel I’ve finished while I wait for that edit to come back…well, that’s just plain flat out strange.  I mean that’s, writing.

But it feels good to write again.  Looking forward to doing more tomorrow.  (And finishing that darn challenge story.)



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