Master of Roads, uploaded

Well, after much time spent poring over The Smashwords Style Guide and some help from from Formatting eBooks with Open Office Writer by Kerry R. Bunn to figure out the parts of the Style Guide that didn’t translate well into OOW, I uploaded my short story, Master of Roads, to Smashwords.  Here’s the short description:

Leani has dreaded the moment ruthless men would go to battle for her hand in marriage. No matter who wins, she will be tied to a man she can never love. Desperate, she prays to the goddess, Mother Fire, for help. When her request is denied, how far will Leani go to avoid what seems inevitable? And if a kind stranger agrees to help her, what will be the price?

On a different note, the writing challenge I took on has become a bit of a monster.  The story I began is getting too long.  I’m going to see if I can write something closer to flash in length.  Hoping I get it finished today or tomorrow.  More on that later.

Update:  You can now get Master of Roads through Kindle.

Disclaimer:  Obviously I get some money if you purchase Master of Roads, but I get no money whatsoever, or compensation/favors of any kind, from mentioning Smashwords, their style guide, or Formatting eBooks with Open Office Writer.



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