formatting Master of Roads

Yup.  That’s the name of my short.  I figure I’m close enough to uploading it, I might as well start using its name.

I’ve decided to start by formatting it for Smashwords.  Wow.  It’s a lot to take in at once.

The estimate given in the guide for my level of computer expertise is a couple of hours.  I have never had a straight couple of hours to work on anything.  This means I work section by section veeeeery carefully following each direction.  I can’t afford to double back.  After a section or two, I get up, check on the kids, clean a little, check on laundry if needed, then get back in the chair and work on another section or two.

I’m so glad I’m using a short story for this.

Once I get to a stopping point, I’m going to listen to one of my favorite songs by They Might Be Giants  (it’s definitely in the top ten).  I have embedded it below so that anyone reading can enjoy the goodness as well.



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