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Great.  Now I’ve got that awesome song by Beck stuck in my head.  Will have to listen to it later.

The learning curve is steep with the cover.  However, between my husband’s natural talent and the little bit I’m able to contribute based on research (more on that later), we’re getting a good idea of what the cover should be.  One thing I’ve noticed is that the professional-looking covers have a real eye for detail.  I can see areas where I know I’d think “That’s good enough” that wouldn’t be good enough for someone who knows what they’re doing.  Thank goodness my husband is more detail oriented.

Also, if the author is fairly unknown, his/her name is always smaller than the title of the book.  Only big names get the big letters.

Oh, oh, and the type of image varies depending on your audience.  Marketing my short as a paranormal romance will need a very different cover than if I market it as a fantasy.  Not too happy about this because I’m not too thrilled by the covers I see on most paranormal romances.  I like the fantasy ones better.   It looks like this is the area I really need to research so I can find something that works for both my audience and me.

As for writing, I surprised myself by really getting into the writing challenge I mentioned earlier.  I’ve gotten the plot figured out for the story.  Once I finish it, look it over, possibly have my husband look it over as well in case I missed any typos, I’ll post it to my blog so everyone can see it.  I’m hoping to get that done in two weeks.  We’ll see.


2 thoughts on “where i’m at

  1. I am at this……………….

    I am writing a book/short story about an event in my life which happen in 1991. I have had some great reviews and it’s only 2 chapters in. I have the rest in draft. I am not a writer but i have an editor.

    Go for whatever dream you have because I am, and this year will be the year, I hope.

    Good luck and happy new year.

    My blog is http://thewrongplaceatthewrongtime.blogspot.com/

    Follow and comment if you wish.

    Best Wishes

    Dave Perlmutter



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