I’ve been thinking about how to do the cover.   The trick is to make a really nice cover that doesn’t look as cheap as it is.  Not sure if that’s going to happen or not, though the chances are better with my husband working on it. I downloaded GIMP but it can only manipulate pics (from what I can tell).  It can’t create them and it looks like that’s what I’m going to need if I want a cover that matches the story inside.  While pondering this problem out loud, my husband reminded me of Paint.NET.  For a free program, it’s pretty good.  It seems to work best when you add plugins to the main program.  There’s some good ones out there, too, though you have to be careful since they’re created by users…and possibly not (meaning they’re stolen).  Other than that, it’s pretty intuitive and even the bare bones program has some gorgeous effects.

Since I have very little artistic skill, I delegated this project to my husband.  In under an hour, he put together a very nice rough idea of what the cover should look like.  And I like it.  🙂  If we keep going at this rate, we’ll definitely have a lovely, fitting cover ready by the end of the month.




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