the Kindle app for pc

I broke down and got it.  It’s free.  It’s pretty.  And it opens up Amazon’s World of Kindle to me.

However, I’m not too impressed.  Positives first, though.  I like how it automatically goes to the beginning of the actual text instead of the cover picture.  At the same time, this makes me wonder why the product should have a cover in the first place.  It’s also nice to skip the TOC so that you only see it when you want to use it.  Oh, and I like how easy it is to figure out, mostly because, besides bookmarks, there’s really nothing to it.  No bells and whistles to confuse you.

On the negative side, it has the same problem some .pdf readers do in that it doesn’t allow you to view more than one page at once.  What I mean is, I can be scrolling through a document in my Foxit reader and see the bottom of the previous page and the top of the last page.  The free app doesn’t allow me to do that.

Perhaps an actual Kindle device would.  I don’t know.

Other than that, the only advantage I see in downloading the app is that you can have access to the Kindle bookstore.  And that is definitely worth it.  I’m currently reading The Naked Truth About Book Publishing which I got for three bucks (more on what I think of the book later) and downloaded the 2012 Writer’s Market through my library’s connection to Kindle.  I can now read that fat–usually stuffed in the back with the other reference books–tome while sitting at my computer.  In fact, I have a whole list of books that I can’t wait to buy through Kindle or download from my library.

Next up in my ebook adventures:  ePub.  I’ll probably use Bookworm for this though that may change.

(Quick disclaimer:  I don’t get any money from anyone I’ve linked to in this post.  I get no compensation in any form whatsoever.  The links are provided for informational purposes only.)


7 thoughts on “the Kindle app for pc

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