A Billion Wicked Thoughts

Now that I have a (very) little extra time on my hands, I’ve started reading again.  I mean, something that I haven’t written.  My current book is A Billion Wicked Thoughts by Ogi Ogas and Sai Gaddam.  It’s based on the idea that people believe they have anonymity on the Internet.  Since they have that belief, they’ll be more honest in describing what they want.  Using Dogpile, AOL, a number of statistics from porn and romance sites, and a surprisingly large amount of studies, the authors propose to find out why men and women act like they do when it comes to relationships and sex.

It can be a bit graphic at times.  There are no pictures…sorry to disappoint if you were hoping.  However, there’s a bit of language at times that’s very graphic and might offend those with more delicate sensibilities.  In this book, any graphic descriptions are necessary because some things just don’t make sense unless you read an example.  They never get gratuitous.

BUT, this book has opened my eyes to things I’d seen, experienced, noticed, and felt but could never explain to someone else.  It also helped me understand my husband better and that’s always a good thing.  🙂  It’s not PC.  In fact, it makes very quick work of a lot of the assumptions we make either when we oversimplify/stereotype or when we try to overturn evolution.  It also helps me understand why so much of what I think about guys feels almost visceral.  And that’s just the basic stuff.  They cover fetishes and preferences, offering plausible theories for why they might exist without judgment or non-factual bias.

Heck, I got a deeper understanding of my own story after reading this book because they spend at least two chapters on romance novels.  And my story follows the most important elements of a romance.  All due to my own programming as a woman.  I also see where I changed things up a little and it absolutely fascinates me.

It’s a good book.  I highly recommend it.


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