almost ready to whittle

The absolute upper limit for my summary is ten pages.  I’m now at seven and just reached the halfway point in the plot.


I’m not sure what to do.  I think I’m going to just go as I’ve been until I reach the end, so I at least have a good idea of the major plot points.  At this rate, it’ll probably be done in fourteen pages.  I’d like to get that down to five if I can.  I’m tempted to start a new document and see if I can write a bare bones plot that I’ll have to expand.  Considering how much I love brevity in writing, that might get me down to three or four pages.  I may still do that if this other way of writing summaries gets tedious.

One of the good things about this detailed process is that by referring to the final draft I get to see how many tiny mistakes I made during the revision:  spelling errors, omitted words, etc.  I’ve been cleaning them up as I go, though I’m probably going to try going over the thing one last time to make sure I got them all.

The closer I get to finishing this and getting it ready for submission, the more nervous I get.

New goal:  finish the summary by Friday.  I really want to get this out before the holidays hit.



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