just so you know what i’ve been doing

I’ve been working on a proposal for a publisher.  Part of this involves a synopsis of the novel.  Now, for those of you who know about the Snowflake Method and know that I used it for this novel, you may be asking yourself why I would need to worry about this since the four page synopsis would work very well for this.

Well…the problem is that I never went back and revised it once I started making major changes to the plot.  As a result, there’s some key scenes that were added, modified, deleted, rearranged, etc. and the four page synopsis I originally wrote is now useless for a proposal.  I’ve been revising it using the actual finished novel to make sure I’m getting the plot points right, but it’s taking longer than I expected.  The good news is that once I’ve finished it, I just have to print out the rest of the proposal and send it off.

I’ve been wondering if I should look for an agent instead since that might speed up the process.  Not sure though.  I haven’t researched how that works yet.  We’ll see how it goes with this step before I change any plans.


One thought on “just so you know what i’ve been doing

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