Holly Lisle is leaving teaching for writing

Fifty-One: At The Start Of My Second Half-Century, I’m Rethinking Everything

I’m more than a little surprised at what I read in the above link, but after re-reading her post, I realized I shouldn’t be.  I’m glad it’s due to a clarification of focus, not some pressing trouble or crisis.  I feel kind of sad about it.  Her One-Pass Revision really helped me get through my last revision with relatively little pain…though I did end up using a lot of red ink.  Looking forward to seeing what she creates as a result of this.

Addendum:  For further clarification, Ms. Lisle has posted answers to ten questions regarding her move and one question no one asked.  The best news of all is that she’s leaving the free stuff on her website and the courses will be available on other platforms.  Her experience with customer service is also very interesting for those who are considering opening their own store.



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